Hot Time With My Buddy

My buddy had been on a trip and said how he met a guy who he had sex with, and he was, "Turning queer, he liked it so well." Later, at home, I thought about it. I wanted to do him, but I was embarrassed to come right out and say so. I called him and said that I had an experience with a guy as well, over a period of several months. I told him I had stopped it because I was ashamed of what I was doing. Now that he said he had enjoyed it, I was not ashamed and would probably do it again. He questioned me on the phone as to what I had done with the guy, and I said we would mostly do oral, but sometimes it would get even dirtier. I liked doing these things at the time, but it left me feeling embarrassed later. I would not tell him at first what I was talking about; I made him talk me into confessing. I finally told him all the details. Of course, my friend was soon begging for me to do that to him. I said I never could do it with a friend. He kept begging, and I asked if he meant oral sex (I knew he did not want that. I don't think he had ever done that with a guy, but I pretended to assume that he had). He said no, he wanted me to just do him while I masturbated. "Oh," I said, "that is hot. It is really dirty and nasty." So we got together and did like we planned. I did him a lot after that. I still prefer women to guys though.

— Allen, 36