Tower Peeping

When I was dating my wife, she took me to a tower on a mountain in Connecticut. The tower was up two flights and the stairs and landings were all metal grate. The lower landing was so close to the upper landing that it was hard to stand up straight. I realized that anyone could see up her dress if they walked over on the lower landing and stood underneath her. No one was around, so I was not concerned. She had on a sun dress with stockings and low heels. We were there about an hour and she suddenly said, "Let's leave," and headed for the stairs. Two young men were going up the stairs as we went down; they had smiles on their faces and stared at her. She was beet red. I knew something had happened, but was not sure quite what. I figured they had peeked up her dress, but still did not understand it all. This was our second trip to the tower. We had just started dating and we drove out of the parking lot onto an adjacent dirt road, and then necked in the woods. She had not let me make out with her before, but this time she quickly took off her blouse and bra when I made advances. There was one old brown car in the parking lot, both when we came and when we left, and suddenly it came over a hill on the dirt road. The two boys were in it and they saw Amy's breasts. She quickly covered up and they drove around us. I am sure they had a great view. As I continued to touch her, I found that she had on a garter belt and hose, but no panties or panty hose. She did not let me do to much that time, but she was very hot. About a month later, we were at a party and she and a group of her girlfriends were talking and laughing. I overheard one of them say, "Remember that tower we went to? It was all metal grate and any boys who came along would be able to look up and see our panties," and they all laughed. Suddenly, I started to realize what had happened. Amy never wore panties. Her doctor had told her mother that it was healthier for her not to wear them, or any panty hose either. I think that she must have been exposed at least a few times over the years and had gotten a thrill from it. When she was up on the tower with her girlfriends and they said what they did, I bet she thought of what a thrill the guys would get if they peeked up her dress. That is why she took me there, hoping to be seen. I think she looked down through the grate, saw their legs beneath her, looked again, and they saw her looking. She had not moved when they first saw her look down and they were not afraid of her complaining. I am sure this is right as when we went on dates and would make out on a blanket, she would always remove all her clothes so if someone did walk up on us, they would see everything. After we were married, she continued this delightful behavior and when I observed it, it excited me also.

— Peter, 36