Caught by Cousin

I have been wearing panties since I was thirteen. I was staying at my cousin's house for a week when my mother was out of town training. There were a couple of weeks between football and basketball season, so I was the first one home on the first school day. I was really looking forward to raiding my cute cousin's panty drawer, since she was a month older than me and would be in band practice until 4:30. I was wearing a pair of blue nylon briefs with a pink rose embroidered to the right of the crotch, and "Tuesday" embroidered to the left of the crotch. I was wearing a pink mini half slip and holding a bra when she walked into the room. I have never been more humiliated. After screaming at me, she giggled and told me she did not want them back since she did not want to wear them now. She nicknamed me Tuesday, but never told on me to my knowledge. I occasionally wondered when one of her friends would look at me a little funny. Today, I remember the nickname fondly.

— Tom, 54