My Wife's Near Nip Slip!

I am new here and am not sure were to post, so I will try here? I am really glad that I have found this forum, because I have wanted to confess and share my real story with people for awhile now! I wanted to share with you all about how my wife had a near nip slip in public a few months ago and she was totally unaware of it, but I wasn't, and I loved it! Well, here's what happened. A few months ago, back in the summer, we went to our local county fair. It's the biggest fair in the state. They have all kinds of rides and games, food vendors, craft booths, art booths, products ("As Seen On TV" gadgets) for sale, a parade, cooking demonstrations, etc, etc. Anyway, it was hot that day about 85 degrees. My wife was wearing a loose fitting white tank top with spaghetti straps and no bra on underneath. It was one of those tank tops with the built in bra, so she didn't need one. It was a brand new tank top that she just got and wanted to wear, even though it was loose in the front. Every time she bent over, you would get to see a great down blouse peek at her breasts! We were in the craft section because my wife wanted to look at all the crafts. I was hot and didn't feel like going in the hot tent, so I stayed outside of the tent and drank my cold lemonade. I noticed my wife was in the tent looking at the crafts. Well, a few times she bent over to look at some of the crafts that were on the lower shelves. She didn't squat down to look at them; she was still standing up. But, she would just bend all the way forward. I noticed she must have done this about three to five times. I was bored as hell, and then she finally gets done looking at the crafts and starts walking towards me. What's the first thing I notice? Her areola on her right breast is hanging out of her tank top! It's not like you can't miss it; it's a white tank top and she has dark brown nipples! Even though her actual nipple wasn't exposed, her areola was completely exposed. Her nipple was right near the top of the tank top and was very close to coming all the way out, though! She was totally unaware that her areola was exposed and out in the open. I, of course, loved it, but was debating with myself on whether I should tell her or not. In one way, I felt kind of like scum and dirty that I wasn't telling her, but on the other hand it made me excited and horny as well. One young couple probably in their early 20's walked right by us, and I overheard the girl say to her boyfriend, "Did you see that?" Plus, I kept noticing all the guys looking right at my wife's chest and her areola hanging out. Every guy who walked by us kept looking at her breasts while she was completely unaware. While we stopped at another craft booth, some old grandpa type guy in his seventies smiled at my wife. He came up and got close to her, and then said, "What a beautiful day it is out here today." He then kept looking at her and followed her all around the tent as she looked at the crafts. We then went to get some fried dough and when we were in line waiting, there was a young college kid probably in his twenties standing a few feet in front of us. He took his cell phone out. I think he was pretending to check his messages on his phone, but he was really taking a few pictures of my wife's exposed breast because he was holding the phone out in front of himself and in the direction of her chest. One of the last incidents to happen was while we were walking around the fair, some twenty-something year old girl with long blond hair passed my wife and blew a kiss at her! My wife came up to me and asked me, "Did you see that?!" I asked, "What?" She replied, "That girl who walked by me just blew a kiss at me!" So I told her, "Well, maybe she likes you; maybe she thinks your hot or something!?" I didn't dare tell her the real reason why - because her dark brown areola was hanging out of her white tank top! Anyway, to finish up here, we walked around some more with my wife unaware the whole time. Her areola was totally exposed and out in the open for about two hours total. She had to go to the restroom, and then when she came out, her breasts and areola were back inside her tank top. She must have seen her nipple almost hanging out of her shirt and tucked it back in. She didn't ask me about it or anything when she came out, so she probably had no idea at all that she was exposed in public. Like I said, on one hand, I felt kind of dirty and scummy and rotten for not telling her, but on the other hand, seeing all the young guys, old guys, and even some girls looking at her for those two hours made me horny as hell and I loved it! We then went home and I had good sex with her and it was awesome! Now, I can't wait for next summer so that I can get her to wear more of those loose fitting tank tops with no bra. I want to see this happen again!

— Evan, 37