Playing With Underskirts

I was at my friend's house and we got a bit bored. I said, "Does your sister wear underskirts?" He said, "Yes," and I said, "Let's try them on." He was a bit unsure but said okay finally. We went into her bedroom and undressed down to our underpants. Then we opened her underwear drawer and took out two full white underskirts. We slipped them on and started to play with ourselves. We stayed there for an hour, just then his sister walked in. She just stood there looking at us, and then she shouted, "What the hell are doing wearing my underskirts, you dirty little boys?" After that, she kind of smirked. She started to undo her dress so that we were all wearing underskirts. That was the best time I've ever had in girl's underskirts.

— Roberto, 35