Cuffed And Stuffed

I have written confessions before. Several of my friends have read them and thought they were so cool. They never even considered the distant possibility that they might have been written by me because I am a very quiet, Christian fellow who has been single ever since the day I was born. However, I have learned that being single does not have to be boring. One day at work, a couple of the girls and I had a conversation about their personal lives. They asked me to explain why men behave in certain ways. Inevitably, sex came into the conversation. One question was, "What do you think of handcuffs in the bedroom?" One answer I received was, "We have to finish this conversation in private." I dismissed her, thinking it to be nothing more than just talk. Personally, I always looked at handcuffs as something they used in movies as a kinky prop. Saturday afternoon, after work, she came to me and said that we needed to talk. Thinking that it was something related to work I agreed and following her back to her office. Once there, she locked the door, and I noticed four pairs of handcuffs on her desk. "Are you for real?" I remember asking. She said that I had set her thinking when I asked her about handcuffs. She said that even though she had a boyfriend, I seemed to be someone who she could trust in such a vulnerable position. So, her executive-style leather swivel chair became the prop in this situation. A pair at a time the handcuffs went on. I kept asking her if she was all right, and what it was that she wanted me to try. "Just show me why I must do this again," she said, which is something I shall never forget. Both she and I went to places that we never thought were possible with such physical restraints in place. True, the handcuffs were on her, but it had a profound effect on the both of us. We shared the four pairs of handcuffs between ourselves. She keeps a pair in her purse, and I keep mine handy.

— Damian, 24