Hot And Deprived

A married colleague of mine moved out of state. Because we worked for the same company, I called them when I had a business meeting in that same city. She met me at a popular dining establishment without her husband. She told me that he had been in jail for over a year. After a great dinner and several drinks, she asked me to follow her home. She was sure her three kids were asleep. She was hot and deprived. She started at the door, and we ended up in the bedroom having sex in every position. She buried her head in the pillow to keep from waking up the kids. The next morning while in the shower, we started all over again. She used a washcloth to stifle the moans. Later, the kids joined us for breakfast at another diner. I think that's the best business meeting I have ever had. My wife wouldn't even consider a shower with me.

— Andy, 42