I Accidentally Did Her

Around six years ago, I moved away from my hometown. I still visit back periodically. However, one visit I had was especially special. The friend who I was visiting was extremely hot. I normally stayed for weeks in the summers or on vacations, so we were around each other a lot. One special day, however, things heated up. When my friend and his dad were both gone to a family football game, his mom stayed behind. We had both already 'accidentally' exposed ourselves to one another by doing things such as leaving the bathroom door open when we were taking a shower or masturbating. So, I knew I turned her on as much as she turned me on. On this day as I was changing, I 'accidentally' left the door open again. When she came in, she stood right in front of me and stared right at me. Without a word, she started giving me oral sex. After that, we had sex. I got my friend's mom pregnant. I have sex with my friend's mom every time I go down to his house now. My friend now thinks he has a brother, but he is actually my son.

— Clark, 25