What Am I?

I love to wear panties, and I am never ashamed of it. I remember asking my step-sister if I could wear a pair of her pink panties, and it turned me on. That was three years ago. Now, I have diapers and over one hundred pairs of panties, and I have three bras and a pink dress. I wish I could wear my dress into public. Sometimes it sucks to be a guy because I want to so bad. I wear my panties and thongs in public. My friends caught me a bunch of times, and they're used to it, so at least I can have that deal. I don't want to live to be a cross-dresser, and I would never want to kiss a guy, but I would do things with one. Does this mean I'm bi or bi-curious? I think I am bi, to be honest, but please help me out with this one.

— Lewis, 23