Threesome On A Boat

It all started when my wife, my bachelor buddy, and I went to the lake with my boat. She was sitting next to him in her bikini chatting away, and she was squirming a little in the boat seat. I stopped the boat, heaved the anchor out, and we proceeded to get kind of drunk. I could see she was interested in him, and I figured, what the hell, let her have a little fun. She got up and whispered to me, "I'd really like to have sex with him. Would you be terribly mad?" I told her to go ahead because I've always wanted to see her with another guy. She took everything off and motioned him to come below to our single bedroom in the boat. I watched as they had sex. I was enjoying this scene, and she loved every bit of the sex they were sharing. When they were done, she and I had sex. Then, my buddy got her again. We kept this up for about three hours until it was time for dinner. We ate below deck, all three of us still naked, and had a great time. After dinner, we went back to the bedroom for more good sex, and we all slept in the same bed. We still have our friend over for threesomes about once a month, and our marriage has never been better!

— Nathan, 43