Exhibitionist Exposed

The girl I was good friends with for a year or two had always teased me a lot after I told her I was an exhibitionist. Every time Valentine's Day, her birthday, or Christmas was getting close, she totally teased me about what gift she wanted. She would joke around and ask for a photo of me naked, although she never really expected to get it. As that Christmas got closer, I looked for a photo studio that would do that kind of thing, but I couldn't find any that were local. With only ten days to shop, I called her house to get an idea of what I could get her. Her mother answered and told me she wasn't at home. I started to ask her mother about gift ideas. She said that normally she tells her what she wants ahead of time. Her mother was very cool about everything, so I told her about how her daughter always teased me and what she asked me for. I told her I couldn't find a local photo studio that would do that. Her mother asked me if I had a camera. I told her I did, and then she said she would take the picture of me if I wanted. I was so shocked when she said that. I mean, I knew she was really cool and all, but I never expected that she'd be that cool! I quickly took her up on her offer and, two days later, she called and told me to come over in an hour because everyone would be gone for a while. I rushed over there excited but also feeling very weird knowing that I was going to be getting totally naked in front of my friend's mother. When I got there, she let me in. I showed her how to work the camera. Then, I got undressed as she asked me how I wanted to pose for the picture. I suggested I should have a "full solute" in the picture. Her mother said, "I'm sure that's what she'd want." Then, to my total surprise, her mother said, "Okay, come over here, and I will get you ready for the picture." So, what started as a surprise Christmas gift for a friend, also ended up being a total surprise Christmas gift for me as well!

— Grady, 41