I'm Never Doing That!

I was in my living room, and my friend called for me to go out. So, I went out, and we called for my best friend. Then we all went out for nearly all day. Then, one of my friends had to go home, so we all went home. I realized I had forgotten my key and my mom wasn't home. So, I went over to my best friend's house instead. We were just relaxing upstairs, and I needed to use the toilet. So, I went to the bathroom and found my best friend's sister in the shower. I went in anyway, and I saw his hot, naked sister in there. She spotted me and shouted at the top of her voice to get out. I did. A few minutes later, she was coming out of the bathroom, and she had forgotten her towel. So, she walked across to her bedroom naked. I was in her room getting a video game for my friend when her door opened. I jumped into her closet. I don't know why, but I just did. While I was in her closet, I watched her getting dressed. Then, she opened the closet door and found me. She said, "I'm going to get my dad on you. He will batter you!" I was very scared. Then she said, "That is unless we can come to some kind of an agreement." I said, "Yes, we can." So, she said, "You must do everything I tell you to do and, when we are in school, you have to wear girls' underwear, girls' shoes, girls' trousers, and my bra. You also have to wear make up and nail polish." I said, "Whoa, I'm never doing that!" So, she called her dad. I quickly said, "Okay, okay, I'll do it." Just before her dad entered the room, she said to me, "You best do it," and then told her dad that she didn't need him after all. So, he went away. She said, "It starts now," and she made me tidy up the whole bedroom. I'm still doing whatever she says.

— Todd, 19