Party In The Bathroom

When I was about nineteen, I had a party. All of my friends and their girlfriends were invited. It was about five o'clock when my girlfriend arrived. I was surprised because no one was supposed to come until seven. But, she just came, and we played games until seven. At that time, everyone was there, so we decided to watch a movie. Everyone snuggled up as couples in my basement, and we watched the movie. My girlfriend was sitting next to me with her body on mine. She slowly put her hand in the bottom of my pants. Then, without anyone knowing, she started to play with my package. Well, I got excited, so I excused myself to go to the bathroom. I had started to masturbate when my girlfriend walked in and took matters into her own hands and mouth. Then, she stripped, rubbed against me, and we ended up having sex. It was the best ever, and no one ever knew. She is my wife now and does the same thing every day.

— Ulysses, 25