Happy Ending

I was on a two-week business trip away from my family and couldn't wait to get back to have sex. I went to a bar and got plastered. Because I vowed to never pay for a hooker, I asked the bartender to call me a cab to take me back to the hotel. As I was standing outside waiting, a hot Asian chick asked if I needed a massage. I was in the mood for one, so she took me back to her lair where she undressed me and gave me a really nice back massage. She turned me over and said, "Sucky, sucky?" I was drunk and horny, so I said yes. She took $50.00 out of my wallet. Then she gave me a hand job and then a blow job. As she was pleasuring me, I began to return the favor. Then she jumped on top of me and we had sex. What a happy ending to what otherwise would have been a lonely night!

— Charles, 31