Keeping A Secret

One time at Halloween, I dressed up as a slut, and my wife went as the pimp. She made me wear a bra, satin, string panties, a garter belt, stockings, a mini-skirt, a satin blouse, and high heels. She did all my makeup, and I even carried a purse. While driving to the party, we had to stop for gas. She made me walk in to pay for the gas, and all the guys were looking at me. I'm not gay, but it made me feel good. At the party, people were picking up my skirt and looking at my panties and all. There was a woman there looking at me the entire night. I needed to use the bathroom and went into the ladies' room. She came walking in when I was washing my hands and talked to me. She put her hand up my skirt and started rubbing my privates. I told her I was married, but she said, "So what? You are my type of man." She gave me oral, and it didn't take me long to complete since I was turned on so bad with being dressed up. Now, she emails me all the time wanting to meet up with me. When my wife goes to work, I go to her house. I must be dressed like a woman, though. Wow, what hot sex we have! My wife doesn't know about this at all. I hope I can keep this secret forever!

— Edward, 40