Neighbor Guy

I've known this guy for several years. He lives about a mile down the road from me. I help him fix his tractors and equipment all the time. He's two years younger than me, and I've kind of had the hots for him for a long time. I would never have asked him to screw me since I did not know how he would take that. Yesterday, he called and asked if I would help him fix his combine. I went over, we got it fixed, we got to talking, and then he said, "What would you say if I said I'd like to screw you?" Before I even thought I said, "Yeah, if you want to." He looked surprised and said, "For real?" I was already caught, so I said, "Yeah. I'd let you." So, we walked over to the barn where we could watch the driveway. I pulled my boots and jeans off. He saw the blue, bikini, size five panties that I always wear. I pulled them off and turned around putting my hands on one of the stall poles. I heard him pulling his pants down. Then he stepped up behind me and the next thing I knew we were doing it. He never said anything, but I knew he could tell this wasn't my first time with a stud. It was good. I told him, "You can do that again any time you want." He said, "I'm glad you let me. I really liked it. But now I don't know just how to feel about it."

— Phillip, 36