I Enjoy Wearing Female Clothing

I have been wearing dresses, slips, skirts, and panties for as long as I can remember. At one time, in my middle twenties, I even went so far as to take hormones and live as a female for about a year. It was then that I realized that I really did not want to be a women, I just enjoyed wearing certain types of female clothing. I cannot explain why, but almost every woman I have been involved with has had no problem with my dressing. It may be because I do not wear bras, wigs, or makeup and am perfectly happy in a full skirt and t-shirt or a full skirted shirtdress with or without a crinoline or slip, depending on my mood. I am currently married for ten years to a lovely woman who not only accepts me for who I am, but buys and sews my female clothing for me.

— Adam, 60