Mom Looked Out For Me

I can remember at the age of ten, I stole a pair of white lace panties from our next door neighbor's washing line. I could not wait to try them on. To this day, I am still a secret transvestite even though I am sure my late mother knew about my fetish all those years ago. I often reflect on the fact that I hid those panties in between my mattress and bed base. One day, they suddenly appeared on the clean washing line. Also, from that day on, my mother (whose underwear drawer was always filled with very plain gym mistress type underwear) started to buy lacy, frilly, girly panties in a smaller size than her own. At the time, I thought I was in heaven. Sexy underwear on tap! Now, when I think back, I'm sure my mother was just looking out for her girly son.

— Gage, 49