I was shopping at a store in the lingerie department, looking at a new bra and some new thigh-highs, when I saw another guy sort of watching me. After I made my choice, I went over to the blouse aisle and picked one out. That's when the same guy said it would look lovely on me, and he would like to see me in it. We started to talk. He said he cross-dressed quite often and has done it for years. I told him I was new to it, but it felt so good that I wanted to go further with make up and wigs. He said his name was Brett and he was forty-five. His wife left him two years ago when she caught him in a dress, heels, and make up. Brett asked me to come to his house where he would make me up and we could dress. I figured this would be great as he was experienced in dressing. We got to his house, and he laid out some clothes and said he was dressing, also. I put on a padded bra and panties with a garter belt and stockings. I was bending over, putting on a shoe, when Brett came in and whistled at me. Brett had on the same. He rubbed my thigh and asked if I wanted to get onto the bed. This was my first experience with another guy, and it was awesome kissing, hugging, and feeling the silky nyloned legs entwined. You can guess what happened next. Brett said he was glad he met me and hoped it would develop into a lasting relationship.

— Hank, 30