Me And A Male Stranger

I always took the tube to work and somehow always ended up getting onto an empty carriage which turned out to be the most crowded. I have been taking the tube for ages, so faces became familiar. One guy stood out, though. He was about twenty and extremely good-looking. I fantasized about him all the time. He always smiled and, eventually, he got onto to the same carriage as me. He had his back to me, so I was able to move closer towards him. I stood behind him without him knowing. The carriage soon became so crowded that I was being pressed up against him. I could see him looking for me, so I decided to give him a pointer to where I was. I pressed my hand against his butt. He turned around and smiled. We quietly introduced ourselves, and then I unzipped his trousers. I began amusing myself, and so did he. We got off together and then exchanged numbers. At lunch, we met up at a bar and began fiddling under the table. Ever since, we have had regular games together on the tube and at the bar!

— Tobias, 30