She Has Changed

My forty-eight-year-old wife, Marie, and I have been empty nesters for the past two years. About a year ago, Marie started mentioning to me that she was interested in trying new things. It took me a while, but it finally dawned on me that my ultra-conservative wife of twenty-six years was talking about dating outside of our marriage. Now, to fully appreciate this, you have to know that Marie has been a Girl Scout leader, a Sunday school teacher, and maybe the biggest prude I've ever known. I was completely shocked when I finally got her to voice her desire. She basically wanted to be able to go out on dates from time to time but didn't want to give up our marriage. After much thought and discussion, I agreed to a trial period and just waited to see what would happen. The first month or so, she didn't date at all, but she did begin to dress a little less conservatively, and she actually began to loosen up. Those little changes made her much more attractive to me and obviously to others as she began to go out on a few dates. She would just come home and tell me she had a nice time, but I neither got nor wanted any details. She was dating about twice a week and was beginning to look, dress and act downright sexy. Our sex life took a definite upswing, and I was enjoying my "new wife". Three months into our trial period, Marie called me during one of her dates and told me she wasn't coming home that night. That was the start of our marriage turning inside out. Marie was spending an average of two nights with other men each week when I asked her to either stop or cut back on her extra-marital activities. She did for a few months, but then it started again and even got worse. I came home from work one day, and she was entertaining a new boyfriend in our bed. I just sat in the living room until they were done and confronted her when they came out of the bedroom. She told me that I could either leave or get used to the idea that things were going to change. I couldn't make myself leave, and I told her I'd do whatever it took to keep her as my wife. She told me I could start by getting dinner started for her and her boyfriend. In just two short years, I've gone from being the king of my castle to the court jester. The odd thing is I am beginning to enjoy my new role.

— Michael, 48