She's In Control

My wife Pam is twelve years my senior and for the most part, she has worn the pants in our six year marriage. Our relationship began on even footing, but over time Pam began to take charge of it and I really didn't mind letting her. Her control over me increased about six months ago when she came home early from work and caught me wearing her stockings, panties, and bra. At first, she said it disgusted her, but she wouldn't let me take them off. She made me wear them all evening, and I could tell it excited her as I cooked and served her dinner, and then went about my normal housework in her underwear. That night in bed, she couldn't keep her hands off of me. Pam came home the next night and threw a couple of bags of sexy lingerie at me. She told me to model them for her. As I began to do as she told me to, she informed me she had another surprise. She pulled a strap-on out of the bag and put it on. That was the beginning of a lot of interesting sex.

— Kevin, 32