Show For My Neighbor

We lived in a neighborhood behind the mall. Next to us was my neighbor, Vivian, who was sixty-five and had lost her husband three years before. My wife was still working, and this afforded me the opportunity to stand naked in the window for every woman and girl in the neighborhood. But since older women turn me on, I had to show Vivian how excited she could make me. I had been flashing since I was twelve. I heard Vivian's lawnmower start, so I put my chaise lounge in the back yard and took off all my clothes. I was a hundred feet from the rickety old fence between us. I sat and masturbated, thinking she would notice and I would hear the mower slow next to the hole in the fence. With no success, I moved my chair to a gaping hole and pointed right at her. I masturbated and was out of control with excitement. I heard the mower stop and could see Vivian peeking at me. I then climaxed all over myself. I went to run back into the house as I was then scared. I heard Vivian say, "I saw your little show, Patrick! I'm calling the cops!" I begged her not to, and asked what I had to do to make her forgive me. I stood with my hand over my limp privates and she asked, "Did that really turn you on?" I saw a possibility of getting away with it, swallowed a whole crow and said, "Vivian, I am so attracted to you (far from true). I couldn't help myself! I love you!" She didn't do anything suggestive or say anything, but she smiled at me from then on. I laid in the chair and masturbated for her until we moved out of the neighborhood.

— Patrick, 41