Erotic Chiropractor Exam

About ten years ago, when we'd only been married a short time and my wife was just nineteen. She was also pretty 'hot' with an incredibly hot little body (She's now thirty and still pretty 'hot'). She had hurt her back at her work and they sent her to a chiropractor. She told them it wasn't that bad, but they said she should go anyway. He set her up on an extended program of treatments for several weeks. She had never been to one before and had no idea what they really did or what they were 'allowed' to do. For that matter, at the time, neither did I. She said he was good looking and probably in his late forties. At one point, he asked her if she'd ever had any other trouble with her back. At the time, she had been having pains in her lower back every month around her menstrual cycle. She figured he was doctor that knew about back pain, so she told him about it. She was to find out later the pain she was having was caused by something else, and that he probably knew little or nothing about it. In any case, he told her that he had had experience with what she described, but the only way he'd be able to tell for sure would be to examine her vagina to check for some 'abnormality'. She agreed to let him examine her, and when she came out to the car to meet me after leaving his office, I noticed she had been in there for a good long time. She told me a bit about her treatment and also that he had 'examined' her, which had been a rather intimate exam with her on her back and her feet up in the stirrups. She said he stated that because the female body changes frequently throughout the month, he would like to examine her again a bit more thoroughly on her next visit just to be sure of his findings. She said she had told him "okay" and had agreed to let him examine her again on her next visit. Other than that, she didn't tell me much about it. Her next visit was scheduled at the end of the day, and it took just as long, if not longer. Out of curiosity, I began asking her a bit about it. She then said she had hesitated to tell me about it because she was afraid I'd be upset with her. I told her I wouldn't be and that she could tell me everything. She said that for her treatments he'd had her get totally undressed, as in taking everything off, and had also given her a massage. For the exam he'd performed, she was of course also totally naked and she said that it was kind of erotic. For some reason instead of being totally jealous and upset, I was finding myself getting turned on. Hesitating, she made me promise if she continued that I wouldn't be upset with her. I assured her I wouldn't and told her to just continue. She said upon examining her, he had just used his fingers and some lubricant. Without sharing all the details, she said she'd never had anyone touch her the way he had and it had really turned her on. She said the exam lasted a good while and he had ultimately gotten her off. She felt guilty not telling me about it, and said she understood if I was upset. After this last visit, which had been even more erotic than the first, she was thinking of not going back. She added that her back wasn't even hurting. Strangely enough, I was so turned on with what she had told me that I told her I wasn't upset. In fact, I told her that if she wanted to continue going to see him that I didn't mind. Upon seeing that it had in fact turned me on, she then confessed how much she had enjoyed it and began sharing even more of the details of her visit and the exams he'd been giving her. She added that as long as long as I was really okay with it, she'd continue with her visits. Knowing it would turn him on, on her next visit I even encouraged her to wear something hot and a pair of her sexiest and tiniest little thong panties. Adding to this, I also talked her into shaving her sex so that it was nearly totally bare, and she agreed to it. Her next visit he had arranged later in the evening, essentially when their office was already closed and his receptionist had left for the day. I waited out in the parking lot for her as she went into his office wearing a super short little denim skirt, a 'barely there' halter top, and nothing underneath but her revealing little panties. Suffice it to say, she was looking pretty hot. When she walked out of his office nearly two hours later, it was already dark and she then asked me how much I wanted to hear. I told her everything. She said her little outfit, as well her being shaved, had really turned him on and had without a doubt influenced her treatment, her massage, and the 'very' erotic exam that he had given her. I told her to go on. Continuing, she then confessed that she'd let him go down on her and then had sex with him right on the table with her legs spread wide and up in the stirrups. She also added that he was really well endowed. She said she hadn't planned on letting it go that far, but he had gotten her so hot and turned on she just let him continue. She added that as turned on as I'd been with it, she didn't think I'd mind if she let him. I told her I thought it was totally hot, and that as far as I was concerned she could continue to see him and let him perform his 'exams' for as long as she wanted. Seeing as I didn't mind, she continued to go back to see him every week for about three months, as well as for some 'follow up' visits for a good while after that. He would schedule her visits when the office was already closed for the day and it was just the two of them totally alone. It was always really hot and she'd share all the details when we got home. I still get turned on just thinking about it, and so does she. As it's now something we're on the same page with, she's had several experiences since, most of them with older men.

— Quincy, 42