What's Old Is New Again

I graduated high school in 1976 when the "sexual revolution" was still in style. One of the great things about it was that girls who were friends, not lovers, would give you a birthday blowjob. Or they'd give you a lap dance just because you knew each other and sex was good for you. One of my best memories was Gloria. She was 5' 11" with long, silky, black hair down to her ass. She had 38D's and wore hip-huggers and tube tops on a regular basis. One hot May day when I should have been in school, I went down to the lake to swim and went skinny dipping. About half an hour later, Gloria showed up, stripped down, and jumped in. Swimming around, talking, and laughing with her was totally cool. We had known each other for years, so there wasn't any pressure (beyond being young and naked!) to do anything. After a bit, we climbed out on "Pirate Rock" and air-dried as we soaked up the sun. Somewhere in the conversation, it came out that it was my eighteenth birthday. After a couple of minutes of more talk, I laid back and closed my eyes while talking with her. Next thing I knew, she had climbed on top of me and was giving me oral. I was then surprised when I opened my eyes and found her privates right in front of me. We satisfied each other until we came in each other's arms. Then we just collapsed right there. When we sat up, she wished me a happy birthday. Zoom forward to 2005. Now the kids have "friends with benefits". They are giving blowjobs and having sex just because and they think this is a new idea they've invented. What goes around comes around!

— Bryan, 47