Christmas Present

I invited my neighbor across the hall for Thanksgiving dinner as I knew she would be alone. So was I, and I love to cook. We had a nice dinner. We sat talking, and she asked what I wanted for Christmas. I told her that what I wanted was not possible at this time. She kept pressing me for an answer, and I said I didn't find a girl yet that likes a man dressing in women's clothes. She said that was not a problem, that she understood, and that I would be welcome to come over on Saturday dressed as I liked. On Saturday, I got up early and showered with lavender soap. I then got dressed in my red bra and garter belt with black hose and a black thong. I chose a black leather skirt and a dark, red, silk blouse. I still have trouble with make-up, so I only put on lipstick and some eye shadow with my blond wig. I went over, knocked on the door, and a young guy answered the door. "My mother will be right out. Come on in," he said. He said his mom had told him about the dinner and my wish to have someone see me dressed. He said I looked lovely and that he would like to date me. That's when his mother said she didn't tell me she had a gay son. We all sat down and talked for a while. I invited her son over to my place because we wanted to get to know each other better, if you know what I mean. It ended up with me giving him oral and falling asleep in his arms.

— Larsen, 28