I Caught My Wife

I took my wife on a business trip and intended it to be a weekend getaway. I left her in the hotel room and told her it would be late when I got back because of the meeting I had. Well, I finished earlier than I expected and opened the hotel room door to find my wife giving oral to another woman. I said, "What's going on?" and she replied that she forgot what time it was. I never knew this side of her and asked how long it was going on. She replied that it had been going on since before we were married. She said I was such a prude that she was afraid to tell me. I said I'm not and asked if I could join in. The other girl said, "Hi, I'm Mae, and you can drop your pants now." I said to my wife, "I hope you don't mind," and proceeded to have sex with Mae. As I was going at it, I could feel something behind me. My wife was there with a strap-on. Sex will never be the same at our house again. At dinner, I asked my wife how she met Mae. She said they had met at lunch. She winked at her, and they started to talk. My wife asked her to come and visit sometime as she knew I enjoyed her.

— Hans, 35