Panties In The Sauna

When I was young, I was with the neighbor girl in her parents' sauna. We were teasing each other about getting nude in front of each other. I told her I would if she would. She said no way. I saw a pair of what I thought were her panties on the bench in the dressing room. I said I would put them on if she would show me her panties. She thought for a moment and then said okay. I went into the other room and put a nice pair of white panties on. As soon as I put them on, I got excited. I walked out with them on. She was there in yellow panties and a little bra. She smiled and said, "Oh my, so that's what a man looks like." She rubbed it through the panties. Then, she asked if she could see all of it. I gladly pulled them down and let it free. She rubbed it. We did this many times after. To this day, I love white panties.

— Franz, 48