Casino Luck

Here's a story for you guys. One day, my wife was complaining about how uncomfortable nylons and bras were to wear. I told her that it can't be that bad. She told me that I should try for a day wearing them. So, I told her I'll try them on for twenty-four hours. She said it's a deal. She went and got me her panties, pantyhose, and a sports bra. They were all white and silky. There I was, standing in front of her, wearing them. She told me that I looked good in them and that it was making her hot. I was getting hot, too. "Now," she said, "Let's go out for the day." I got dressed, and she said, "Let's go to the casino." So, when we got there, every machine that I was playing would hit. My wife told me that I had luck on my side. I told her it must be the panties, pantyhose, and bra that were giving me luck. She told me, "If that's the case, you have to wear them all the time we play here." After leaving there, we went to the store and bought me my own panties and things to wear. They are comfortable to wear because I wear them everyday now.

— Greg, 46