My Great Wife

It was a few years ago when I started to wear panties. My wife made a bet with me that I wouldn't wear panties. One day, she was at work, and I got home early from work. I went to the bedroom, got a pair of panties, and put them on. They were white, silky ones. I not only put on her panties, but I also put on her pantyhose, a sports bra, and her slip. They felt really good on me. I enjoyed wearing them. I started walking around the house in them. It felt great. Then, she walked in and saw me in them. I asked her what she thought of me wearing them. She told me that I looked real good and sexy. She asked me if I would wear them all the time for her because she loved them on me. I said, "I sure can, but I don't have my own panties." She said, "You will." I got dressed and left her panties on. We went to the store, and she bought me my own things. They were all different colors like red, black, blue, white, and pink silky ones. She also bought me pantyhose and a slip. I asked her, "How about a nightie?" So, she got that, too. When we got home, she asked me to model for her. I did. Up to this day, I still wear them everyday. I also take pictures of myself wearing my panties on my cell and send it to her when she's at work. She tells me it makes her day, and she enjoys it.

— Tommy, 46