Obsessed With Threesomes

I'm obsessed! One night, I was at this party, and everyone was really drunk! I saw these two girls. They looked like they were lesbians, but I wasn't sure. Maybe it was because they were drunk. After all that beer (I had already had about twelve), I really needed the bathroom. The bathrooms were all busy, and there were huge lines. As I was drunk, I decided to go to the house across the street and ask if I could use their bathroom. I could hear noises, sex noises. After a few minutes, a girl came to the door. She was naked and smoking hot! She said I could use the toilet in her room. Someone was under her bed covers, but I couldn't see if it was male or female. While I was in the bathroom, I could hear the sex noises again. I walked out of the bathroom to see these girls having sex with each other. They were using a dildo. As I walked out, they both jumped on me, and we had a threesome that night. Now I am obsessed with threesomes. They are so much fun! Go threesomes!

— Leroy, 28