Thanks To My Wife

How I got to love wearing panties is because of my wife's doing. One day, she asked me if I would try on her panties as a joke. She wanted to see if I would do it. She handed me white silk panties to put on. So, there I am, putting them on. She noticed my package was getting hard. She commented that it looked like I liked them on myself. I told her that she was right. That was when my wife told me that she was getting hot herself. She asked me to keep going. That's when she handed me her sports bra to put on and pantyhose, too. What a feeling I had! I felt so good in them. That's when she asked me to wear them all the time because she loved the way I look in them. That same day, we went shopping for my own panties, bra, and pantyhose. She bought white, red, blue, and pink silky panties, matching bras, and many pairs of pantyhose. When we got home, she asked me to try on what she had bought me. I put on the red ones with pantyhose. Before I knew it, she had dropped to her knees and was giving me oral. After, we went to the bedroom and had the best sex ever. Thanks to my wife, that's how I got into wearing panties 24/7.

— Jacob, 46