We've Changed

My wife, Amy, is my dream girl. She is smart, good-looking and, best of all, she has an amazing body. I fell hard for her the first time a saw her, and I worked hard to win her over. We were married three years ago, and the first two and a half years couldn't have been better. I worked while she finished her last year of law school. We spent a lot of time together, had great sex, and I don't think we could have been happier. Things began to change a little as she started her law career. She put herself under tremendous pressure to succeed at work and was becoming distracted and short-tempered at home. I tried to help out by doing all the work around the house and not bother her for sex. The last part was hard because I would watch her dress for success every morning, and it was impossible not to notice how great she looked, but our sex life was quickly going in the tank. Everything changed six months ago when she came home from work and told me we needed to talk. She confessed that if she were to be considered for the promotion she so badly wanted, she would have to sleep with her boss. I was shocked, but she assured me it happened all the time and would be a one time thing. She begged me, and I finally consented. We had the best sex we had in months that night, and the next day she left for work looking good enough to eat. She called me at lunch and told me she was spending that night with her boss and to not expect her home until the following night. I was sure I wasn't doing the right thing to let her, but I felt I had no choice. When she returned home the next night, I noticed a big change in her. She announced she got the promotion, and she also threw in the fact that she had a wonderful time "interviewing". I tried to ask her about her "interview", but she told me it was none of my business and that I better get used to the idea that I would be sharing her in the future. She said that she would leave me in a heartbeat if I questioned her. From that moment on, I knew she was in complete control of our relationship and of me. We still have sex, but she decides the when, where and how. She is not afraid to cut me off if I anger her in any way. Amy stays out a few nights a month, and I better not question her where-abouts because I can't stand the thought of her leaving. Last month, her boss took her to Tahiti for a week. She emailed me photos of her and him at a topless beach with a little note that said she was sore from too much sex. I'm just trying to adjust to my new role and please my queen.

— Al, 28