Exchanging Wives

It happened eight years after our marriage. We went to Singapore on an official tour. We find my old friend and his wife in the same hotel. Fortunately, we got adjacent room. After five years, we were meeting. We made plans to move together. I noticed my friend and my wife getting along most of the time. Truly speaking, even I was doing the same. After dinner, we again met in my friend's room. We started chat of the olden days when suddenly his wife played songs on the music system. We started dancing with our own wives. But, after some time, it went wild, and we exchanged our wives. His wife was in my arm. Suddenly, the light went off. I just started kissing his wife madly. Within a minute, the light came on, and I found that it was not only me, but my friend was doing the same with my wife. After an hour, I said to my friend, "Let's just exchange wives for whole night." He readily agreed. I lifted his wife and went to my room. Then, I removed her clothes wildly, and she undressed me, too. We had sex. It was just like my first night after marriage. We both got inundated in sweat. Only after half an hour, I calmed down. Then, I started kissing her. After that, we slept, and I woke at 2:00 in the morning. I went out and tried to peep through the key hole to my friend's room. My wife was under my friend. They were having sex. I came back to my room and kissed his wife. She woke up, and then for the second time, we had sex until we were exhausted. It was like a dream. I enjoyed it a lot when I woke up in the morning. It was sexiest morning of my life. Unfortunately, the next evening we were all about to depart. But, it was greatest sex I ever had when we exchanged our wives.

— Wesley, 30