Wife And Brother-In-Law

My wife and I were staying at her sister's house. My wife is a big tease, and I knew her sister's husband, Tony, loved to stare at my wife's breasts. My wife also loved to show them off. We slept on the fold out couch, and one night we had sex. After we got done, I told her to leave herself uncovered so that when Tony came out the next morning, he could get a good view. She agreed, and we both fell asleep. To my surprise, I woke up about two hours later to my wife giving Tony oral sex! I pretended to stay asleep. When he went back to bed, she and I had awesome sex again. She told me later that she woke up to him feeling her breasts and private parts. I told her I would like her to do more next time because it turned me on seeing her pleasure another man. I want to see another man pleasure her. She just shrugged her shoulders, smiled, and said maybe.

— Ryan, 35