My Two Girls

I had a bi-sexual roommate who I had been having a "friends with benefits" scheme with for some time. She had a girlfriend who I met and who was fine with our arrangement. She was also bisexual, but she was a lot more into girls. One day, when both of them were at my flat, they suggested we have a threesome. They said that they both had talked it through, and there were rules. I agreed eagerly before even asking the rules. They told me the rules which were mainly conceived by my flat mate's girlfriend. I was to wear full lingerie, a skirt, and a blouse. I was to have my makeup done by my flat mate who is a beautician and my hair which is naturally long. I had thought about sex in women's clothes before, so I took up the opportunity. The night went wonderfully, and we have had a few more since.

— Eric, 22