Sex Therapy

My wife, Julia, and I have been married for fifteen years. We both noticed a decrease in excitement in the bedroom the past few years. Six months ago, we decided to visit a sex therapist. To make a long story short, the therapist encouraged us to find common fantasies and when practical act them out. Julia's primary fantasy involved me being a subservient husband around the house. I was surprised by her fantasy because she was generally very docile and easy going. Julia also was surprised when I confessed my fantasy was to see her shed her conservative apparel and demeanor and wear sexy clothes and become flirtatious because I have always been a bit possessive. We agreed to give each other's fantasies a try. It took me a little adjustment to fit into my new role, but Julia just blossomed with her new sexy look and her domineering manner with me. I found her new look and personality very attractive. After a few months, I hardly recognized my wife. She would arrive home from work wearing a short skirt, low cut shirt, and high heels and put me to work. She made me put on an apron, and I would start doing the house work while she would tell me about all the guys that had hit on her that day. I found the changes in Julia and myself both exciting and disturbing. Our sex life was never better, but I could tell Julia was turned on by all the attention she was getting from other men. One night, she was rewarding me for cooking her a great meal by allowing me to give her oral when she told me she was going out on a date later. I told her that wasn't part of the deal, but she said she was going, and there was nothing I could do. I couldn't believe what was happening, but she went out that night, and now Julia dates a few times a month. Two weeks ago, Julia asked if I would cook and serve dinner for her and her boyfriend that weekend. I never imagined that I would find myself in an apron serving a romantic dinner to my wife and her boyfriend, but there I was. After dinner, they were making out on the couch before they headed off to our bedroom. The next morning, she made me serve them breakfast in bed before he left. I'm not sure what to do anymore. I find Julia more attractive than ever, but I don't feel much like a man. Julia says she loves me more than ever and loves her new life.

— Peter, 35