Getting It All The Time

I had an affair with my step-sister when I was nineteen and she was eighteen. It started out sort of playing around. We were left alone quite often. It was a breeding ground for two, young, dumb teens. We got into some beer one night and ended up snuggling on the couch watching television. I had this great urge to kiss her and finally got up the nerve. To my delight, she liked it, and we ended up making out heavy. After that, we would make out any time we got the chance, even with our parents in the other room. As you can imagine, it led to petting. I would get so hot I would all but mess in my pants. She would let me feel her and lie on top of her, but that's all. After about six months or so, she just up and let go out of no where. It was sort of clumsy, but still my best memory. After that, we had sex like rabbits, especially after the first time she completed. I must have spent a fortune on condoms. We would get home from school, drop our books, and do it. At that age, I think I was permanently ready for sex. Every guy should be so lucky. My friends were talking about sex, and I was getting it all the time. I never told anyone.

— Thomas, 52