You're Going To Like It

It all started two years ago when I started to wear my wife's panties. My wife made a bet with me that if I would wear her panties for a day, she would let me buy what ever I wanted. So, I did. What a feeling I had! They felt so good on me. I told her to forget about the bet and that I liked them. I asked her to buy my own panties for me. She agreed to buy them for me because she loved the way they looked on me. She got so hot that we had sex right there. When we got done, she told me that she had to step out for an hour or so. Well, to my surprise, when she got back, she had a bag full of really good stuff. There were things like panties of all colors, nylons, and slips. There was even a sports bra right there. I started to put on white panties, nylons, a bra, and a slip. She had to help me with the nylons and sports bra. They were new to me, and I had never done that before. I told her to do the same, to put on the same thing I was wearing. We looked like twins, but she looked better than me. We had wild sex all over. I wore them all weekend, and she did the same. I never felt that way before. It was a great feeling to wear women's underwear, nylons, slip, and bra. Let me tell you guys out there, you should try it. You're going to like it.

— Ray, 45