Mother-In-Law's Slip

Last week, I went to check on my mother-in-law's house as she was having problems with her heating. I went into the bathroom to work on the radiator. Before I could start work, I had to move the washing basket. As I did, it fell over, and the clothes fell out. As I placed the clothes back in the basket, I felt a silkiness. When I held it up, it was a silky and very lacey white half slip. Without any thought, I removed my clothes and slipped it on. It felt so good, and I became very aroused. So, I made my way to the bedroom and masturbated, being totally unaware that my mother-in-law had come home and caught me in the act. It was only when I went round that weekend that I found out she had caught me. She told me she was very upset with me. Then, she told me to undress and then said that she had a gift for me. It was a very sexy, red, full slip. She made me put it on and teased me until I completed all over the slip.

— Clyde, 35