My Personal Bunny

When I graduated from high school, I spent a week down in Florida with my friend and her family. Every morning, I got to look forward to seeing my friend's mom in a bikini. I had had the hots for her for a while, and now was my chance to see her all the time. One night, my friend's step-dad, her brother, and she went out fishing while I and her mom stayed behind. We talked for a bit, and then she began to flirt. I returned her advances, and soon she walked off into her room. Twenty minutes later, she walked out in seven-inch heels, a Playboy Bunny costume, and a mouth that wouldn't quit. She gave me oral, and then I gave her anal. Finally, we had sex twice, and I felt great. I still come over every now and then and have sex, and she still dresses in the Playboy Bunny outfit. Now, I have my own personal bunny.

— Marcus, 19