Older Woman

A couple of years ago, a nice lady bought and then moved into a house on my street. She was approaching age sixty-eight. She was a widow and nice looking. We kind of hit it off right away. We had a couple of shared dinners at her house, did the holiday dinner thing, etc. because she knew I was alone. It wasn't long into this "friendship" that I noticed that she was physically attracted to me. There was the occasional brushing up against me and the hand that slid across my butt. The long and short of it is we eventually got it on. I have never experienced sex like I had with this older woman. She had a fetish, which she shared with me, for leather (pants, skirts, boots, etc.). Wow! The sex went on for about three years. All I had to do was walk across the street. This was the hottest woman I've ever been with (and will probably ever be). She just cut loose with all her desires and wishes with me. It was awesome. At the same time, I was dating a great young lady my own age. That never seemed to be a problem, however, as that gal thought it was "funny" and "nice". Oh, my, that was a nice memory. My "friend" across the street is now deceased. I can't forget our encounters, though. She was the sexiest woman I've ever been with.

— Ivan, 33