It's A Sexy Feeling

It all started about two years ago when I got home early from work one day. I wanted to try on my wife's panties, so I did. They were a pair of white silk ones. They felt great, but I could not stop there. I tried on her bra, too. Then I put on her nylons and a slip. I was walking around the house in them, and I did not hear her come in. She asked me what I was doing wearing her things. I told her that I just wanted to try them on to see how they felt on me. She said, "Okay, but now you have to wear them for me all the time because I love the way you look in them. You look real sexy in them." She told me to get dressed because we needed to go out to get some things, but I was to keep on what I had on already. So, I got my pants and shirt on. I asked her where we were going. She said, "You'll see." Next thing I know, there we are at the store buying me my own panties, bra, nylons, slips, all kinds of colors of panties and matching bras. When we got home, she said to go put on my new panties and bra and to show her. She said that I looked sexy in them. I said that it's a sexy feeling. She said that's all I can wear from now on. So, I agreed. She told me the next time she goes to the store she'll buy me more things to wear. What a great night we had!

— Damien, 45