Tight Jeans

I love wearing tight jeans. I always wear the low rise type so they won't slip down and sag in the rear. I love them tight on my hips, in the front, and especially in the rear. They have to fit tight on my butt, showing were my cheeks cup under, and even slipping up into my crack a little. It's hard to find ones that fit just right, but I shop and try on many different kinds until I find just that right fit. I have many different shades, my favorite being my faded bleached ones that are a very light blue. I have to wear thongs under them so I don't have any "panty lines". They are so tight that any type of underwear except thongs would show, and I don't want that. I have several different colors of thongs, and I always match the color with my shoes and shirts. My shoes are almost always western style boots, and I have different colors of them, also. Some of them are women's boots because that is the only way to get that color. The heel is a little higher than the men's boots, but my boot-cut jeans cover most of the boot so no one notices. My shirts are mostly colorful shirts with flowers and such. They are always silk. I love going out in my "cowgirl" boots, matching underwear, and pretty shirt tucked into my tight jeans. One night, I was wearing my white boots, white thong, and supper tight Levis (they are so tight it's hard to bend over). I was standing at the bar of a local place. There were these two girls at the end of the bar that were looking me over. They came down to where I was to play the jukebox. When they left, one of them pinched me on my butt kind of hard. It sent chills all through me I loved it so. I was too chicken to go and talk to them, but I stayed there at the bar until they left, wishing they would come down and fondle me some more. After that night, I have often thought of that night and masturbated. I have even fantasized about what it would be like to have a man fondle me. For him to come up and pinch my butt through my tight jeans and to feel me up. I am sure I would not protest, and I would submit to his advances. I would let him do to me whatever he wanted.

— Clement, 34