I Fantasize About It

I find myself attracted to the thought of my mother-in-law seeing me naked/masturbating. I have a healthy sexual relationship with my wife, and my mother-in-law is not particularly attractive or ever suggested she would like this. But, I find myself attracted to the thought when she comes to visit. She did actually see me once when we were visiting them. I went from the bathroom back to the room we were staying in after a shower and purposely left the door partially open. I dressed slowly, leaving my pants and underwear off for quite a while. I stroked myself a little, and it was pretty much fully erect when she came out of her bedroom and walked by. She actually looked in for a second or two, and I kind of chickened out and turned away. But, I know she saw my erection for at least a second. I wonder what she thought. She never said anything about it. I became very excited after she left thinking about that moment. I fantasize about her seeing me actually complete.

— Anthony, 37