First Time Oral

The first time I performed oral sex on a man was in a restroom of a library. I had been going there for some time, and I decided that day would be the day I got my courage up. A man sat down in the stall to my left, and I was in the center of three stalls. I heard him playing with himself, so I knew what he wanted and what I wanted. So, I reached under and stroked the back of his calf. Next thing I know, I see his package under the partition. So, I got down on my knees, bent down, and began. It was fantastic. We heard the door open, so we got up for a minute. The new guy got in the other stall, and pretty soon I could hear him doing himself. So, I tapped my foot to get his attention and went back to work on my first. As we began, I felt the second guy start to play with me. I masturbate a lot to that memory.

— Randolph, 40