Twin Pleasures

When I was dating my girlfriend who is now my wife, her roommate was her sister, her twin sister. I'd flirt back and forth with her sister. The three of us would rent movies all the time and watch them. My girlfriend had fallen asleep, and her sister, I thought, was about to as well. Her head was near my leg, laying on the couch. I had adjusted myself, and her sister reached up and started pushing her palm along my package. She would slide it out and was masturbating me. I thought she was going to give me oral so many times, but she never did. Just the thought of it made me explode. She looked up and smiled. I got up to clean my leg off, and my girlfriend woke up and went into bed. When I went to bed, my girlfriend then started to play with me, and we masturbated each other. I got up to get a last drink for the night, and I could hear her sister taking care of herself in her room. I wanted to join so bad!

— Christopher, 33