Nude With Mother-In-Law

For about fourteen years, I have been parading about naked in front of my mother-in-law, even though my wife and I have not been together for over seven years. It started when she was about fifty-five, after my wife insisted that I go there once or twice a week to help around the house. The first time happened when I had been cleaning a fish tank and got soaked as the tank tilted. She was a bit angry at the mess I had made and told me to get undressed so she could dry my clothes. I was stripped down to my wet jocks, but she sternly told me to remove them so she could dry them, too. She then took a small towel and began to dry me off, even between my legs. By the time she finished, I was really turned on and showing it. She looked down at my manhood disapprovingly and said I'd have to remain naked while my clothes dried. The next time I was at her place, I deliberately spilt some coffee on myself. She crossly told me to get undressed again. Since then, whenever I go there, she just orders me to take off my clothes and help out naked. She acts as if nothing is out of place, and sometimes she insists on examining me intimately. A while ago, she'd make me wear her pink or white granny panties whenever I went into the yard. But, I nearly got caught by the lady next door, so I refused to go out in them again. She lets me press myself up against her, and she'll let her hand or arm brush up against me to make sure I stay up. When she bends over, she lets me slide my fingers up her crack and tickle her through her pants. Once, while sitting with her on a sofa, she leaned across me to get a magazine, her arm deliberately lingering against me. A few moments later, I ejaculated. I was embarrassed as she handed me some tissues, especially as she seemed annoyed at the mess I had made. Soon after, I began masturbating in front of her, and now I just sit opposite her and masturbate as she watches.

— Rudy, 46