Invigorating But Scary

Whenever my wife and I visit my in-laws for the holidays (they live in another state so we usually stay at their place for a few days), I find myself sneaking into my in-laws' bedroom and digging through the dirty clothes hamper looking for a "fresh" pair of my mother-in-law's dirty panties. I don't even know why I started this, but since the first time I put my nose to the soiled crotch of a pair of her undies, I got instantly excited and had to relieve myself right at that moment. I swear her womanly scent is the most amazing I thing I have ever smelled. I'm thirty-eight, and she's fifty-eight. She's about 5' 10", with a very attractive face that's well-preserved for her age, a generally slim build, but she has an exceptionally large butt which really turns me on. I love my wife dearly, but it's gotten to the point where I really think I would rather have sex with my mother-in-law than with my wife. Here's where the trouble starts. A few months ago when we were visiting, I did my usual routine sneaking into her room to get a pair of her scented undies. I felt very lucky to have found a pair that she must have just recently taken off because they were extremely scented. I went into the bathroom and stretched them over my head so that the crotch area was positioned directly over my nose. I then masturbated away, deeply inhaling her womanly scent and experienced one of the most intense orgasms I have ever had. Now, usually I would have cleaned myself up, snuck back into her room, and put the panties back in the hamper. But, as I said, these were an exceptionally scented pair of panties, and I didn't want to risk losing them to the wash before I could get another session out of them. So, instead, I went into the bedroom that my wife and I use and hid them in the leg of a pair of my dirty jeans which I had folded in the corner of the room. Later that day, while I was helping my father-in-law do something out in the yard and while my wife was reading near the pool, my mother-in-law must have gone into the guest room to straighten up and change the bedding and such. That evening, when I went upstairs to get the panties to go take care of business, I was horrified to see that the dirty laundry was no longer piled in the corner of the room. For a second, I almost wanted to die, but then I saw that my jeans (where I had hid the panties) were neatly folded and lying on top of my suit case. Momentarily relieved, I grabbed the jeans and reached into the pant leg to get the panties and continue my mission, but they were not there! Now, I was really panicking. I sat on the bed contemplating how I could possibly return downstairs to face my mother-in-law. Then, I opened my suitcase, and to my astonishment, there were my mother-in-law's panties neatly folded and placed on top of my other clothes in the suitcase. Now, I knew for sure I was caught, and my mind was racing, trying to figure out how I was going to deal with this problem. Eventually, I worked up the courage to go downstairs and face the music. But, to my surprise, she said nothing to me. She acted like she didn't even realize that they were her panties or something. Now, it gets really strange. The next time we were visiting, I had all I could do to control my urge to sneak into her room to continue my fetish given that I had nearly been found out on the last visit. On the third day we were there, I went up to our bedroom to change out of my wet swim trunks. When I went into my suitcase to get a dry pair of underwear, I almost fell to the floor when I found a new pair of my mother-in-law's soiled panties neatly folded on top of my clothes. When I went downstairs, my mother-in-law caught my glance and gave me a coy smile. She's into it! Now, what was once a fantasy is scaring the crap out of me. I don't know what to do. I still have the pair of panties that she left for me, and I still masturbate to her odor. Her scent is still a huge turn on to me to the point that I can't help myself. In my fantasy world, I would love to do her, but in reality, that would be way too risky. I don't know where this will lead. It's both scary and invigorating at the same time.

— Lenny, 38