Without Hesitation

One weekend, my uncle's wife called me and said she was lost in the city. I live in a big city, while she is from a small town about four hours away. She came with my cousin, her son. Well, to make long story short, we got to my house, and she said all she wanted was a hot shower. Before she was out of the shower, my cousin was already asleep on the couch. She asked me if she could take the bed, so I planned to sleep in the other bedroom. Before I stepped out of the door, she told me that her son was going home in the morning. I didn't think anything of it and told her goodnight. The following morning, he left around 7:00 AM. It was Saturday, and she asked me if I had any plans. I told her no. So, she told me to get ready because she wanted me to show her around this big city and to get a bite to eat. I took a shower and, when I came out, there she was on my bed with just pink panties on. She told me to come lay beside her. All I was wearing were my boxer shorts. Right away, I started to get aroused. She noticed my package and told me to get out of them. With no hesitation, I did. I laid beside her and kissed her on her neck. She asked me if she could give me oral. I agreed but only if I could return the favor. Before we knew it, I looked at the time, and it was almost noon. I told her we should get going, but she didn't want to go. So, we spent all day and night having sex. On Sunday morning, she asked me to go show her the city. Now, every time she comes, we do it all over again.

— Jose, 34